Lead Generation Services for Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

Leverage our team’s decades of experience in staffing, search, recruitment, and talent acquisition, using best practices coupled with the best social media digital automation strategies and lead generation services in sourcing and attracting the targeted talent you need. We will look for the best people for you!

The Most Effective Research and Recruiting With Our Lead Generation Services

With our years of experience at Renova Digital Partners, we found the optimal way to source candidates, recruit best-in-class professionals, and develop great talent acquisition outcomes with our lead generation services. Every business is different. That is why we do our research and use LinkedIn lead generation to fit your specific needs and requirements.

We offer the best practices and winning recruitment strategies to closely examine and analyze how these lead generation strategies might be successfully applied to strengthen and support your staffing objective. We pay close attention to supporting your brand, workplace, and culture, and we showcase your company to the candidates. Renova Digital helps you differentiate and build a custom-tailored recruitment social selling strategy that is unique to your business, situation, and goals.

Search and Recruiting Services

Source and Recruit Talented Individuals With Renova Digital’s Lead Generation Services

 Recruiting top-level talent is more than posting a job ad and picking the best candidate from the pool. The best talents can’t always see your job posting. Only about 7% of the available talent pool see your posting. Meaning, that 93% of your candidate pool never sees or knows of you or your open positions. 

At Renova Digital, a lead generation agency that does digital marketing case studies and lead generation marketing, we have the tools, applications, and technology to get in front of the other 93% so that you can get the targeted talent you seek. Give us a call today and let’s discuss how we can put together a winning sourcing and recruitment lead generation campaign for you.

Search Services - Professional & Executive Levels

Professional and Executive Talents From Personalized Lead Generation Services and Campaigns

At Renova Digital Partners, a LinkedIn lead generation agency, realizes that old-style recruitment methods don’t always work. Generating leads will help you get the best people in your company quickly and efficiently. We are not just recruiting professionals – we ARE multi-channel recruitment marketing experts providing digital marketing services and lead generation services. We have decades of experience coupled with the latest AI digital marketing automation.

In short, we know how to leverage social media in a multi-channel approach to message candidates to build relationships, engage professionally with relevant content, educate with valuable information, and recruit them for you. We are your modern cyber-headhunters that conduct marketing case studies and lead generation to find candidates for your Professional, Executive, Leadership, and Management position openings. Call us today for a free consultation!

Effective Talent Acquisition and Recruitment With Lead Generation Services and Campaigns

Acquiring great talent can be challenging. Especially if you don’t have a strong talent acquisition team in place, with a strong brand, a great culture, good compensation and benefits plan, and a great reputation. The old-school method doesn’t always work, especially with the increasing number of scams on the internet.

However, if you work with Renova Digital, a lead generation business that conducts a regular marketing case study on how to get the best talents in the business, you won’t have any problems! We can help you create the perfect cost-effective systems in place combined with our lead generation services so you can acquire the best talents you need to help your business grow and improve.

Recruitment Project Outsourcing (Rpo): Quick and Convenient With Lead Generation Services

We find that our clients need recruitment and lead generation services most when they are growing. In those times, typically, all the employees and staff are working overtime to meet deadlines and help the business grow. No one can do the recruitment for additional help.

Companies outsource and entrust this task to us, with our excellent lead generation services and quick talent acquisition. We can take on the entire project or any stage of it to support you. You can also customize our lead generation services that best fit your company’s needs and requirements. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss the options that are available to you!

Direct Hire: Search for the best talents with our lead generation services.

Turnover and attrition never strike at the right time, right? Usually, it happens at the worst possible time. Like most companies, you might not have a stable full of replacement employees standing by waiting to be put into play. That’s where Renova Digital comes in. We only play to our strengths and only take on search jobs that we know are a win for you, only the right talent at the right time. With the help of our excellent lead generation services, we can find the best potential candidates for you. 

Our direct hire services include these 4 unique and specialized service options:

Standard Contingency

Fee Based with guarantee

Try As You Buy

Fee Based with a flexible monthly installment plan option that supports your cash flow 

Retained and Dedicated Recruitment

You pay in a low monthly amount and secure top-level attention as a Premier Client and a significantly discounted Fee when a placement occurs. 
Contact us to discuss which service option or combination of options might work best for your unique hiring needs.

Talented Contract and Contract-to-Hire Candidates From Our Lead Generation Services

Not all of our customers can afford a full-time staff. Our customers may choose from a variety of alternatives, including contract or freelance work. In this service option, we place a qualified employee from our payroll recruited from our effective lead generation services. We agree upon a pay level with you and we apply a markup to cover our costs and a modest profit. When the project is over, the contractor leaves. It’s quick, simple, and effective.

In the event that you decide that you want to hire the contractor, we can make that happen too! We could easily apply a quick formula to ‘buy out’ the employee from us and continue hiring them as a contractor until a threshold of hours worked has been reached, or you can “buy out” the remaining time and add them to your payroll immediately. Renova Digital is flexible with the intent to make sure the plan we apply is the plan that best suits you! 

Highly Customized Digital Recruitment Automation Lead Generation Services Just for You

You will use our digital marketing technology to source and build your candidate funnel(s) taken from our effective lead generation services. It can be either using yourself as the actual contact recruiter or an automated AI persona. Each configuration has a low monthly cost and a high engagement and efficiency outcome. This plan works best for companies who have an idea of how to screen for good talent but not how to attract that talent. 

This is where Renova Digital comes in. We build up your brand digitally and throughout multi-channel social media venues. Our proprietary AI automation works in the background. Its main purpose is to connect you with the candidates who are most fitted for the position opening. 

Productive Consultation: Hiring and Recruiting Talents From Our Lead Generation Services

 We learned that some clients already have the best talent acquisition strategy in place. The only problem is that they forgot to add an element, a process, a tool to bring it all together and make it more effective. There are also instances where they just need other experts to take a closer look at their strategy.

That is why Renova Digital offers consultations regarding hiring, recruiting, and creating effective lead generation services to help you improve your strategy and get you in touch with the right talent pool. We have decades of staffing and recruiting service experience which we use to your advantage. 

Renova Digital Partners will be your trusted advisor! Save time, money, effort, and resources, contact us today!


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