PPC Management Services That Drives New Leads

Maximize your pay per click (PPC) campaigns and get immediate exposure with PPC Management Services from Renova Digital. Our data-backed PPC services will help you drive more traffic through paid campaigns and ensure the money you spend targets prospects and increases your ROIs.

Renova Digital’s PPC Management Services Offers Valuable Insight

Partner with a Google Ads agency to improve cost per click (CPC) for your Bing and Google Ads campaigns. Every click costs money and that adds up over time. Our PPC management services monitor and maintain paid advertising platforms using our tried, tested, and effective tactics to bring you the most conversions at the lowest cost. Our PPC service covers the following:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Insights
  • Conversion Settings
  • Create Ad Campaigns
  • A/B Test Ad Campaigns
  • Measurement and Key Performance Indicators
  • Bid Optimization
  • Campaign Management
  • Reporting and Strategy

Whether you want to optimize ad campaign performance, acquire new leads, or boost ROIs, Renova Digital’s PPC advertising services will develop a data-backed strategy for the best results.

Renova PPC

PPC Management Services Give You More Returns For Your Business

Our PPC Management Services is synonymous with SEM (search engine marketing), consider it a quicker, paid version of SEO services. You can drive traffic to your website every month by placing your ad at the top of search results of relevant search queries. Gain benefits from PPC Advertising Services such as: 

  • Launch ad campigns quickly
  • Gain more brand recognition
  • Free up your valuable time
  • Understand your target audience
  • Set maximum budgets for ads
  • Data-backed customer insights
  • Receive fast and accurate results 

The fastest way to grow is to work with PPC teams with advanced paid traffic knowledge and industry know-how to create the best strategies for your ad campaigns.

Keyword Research

Successful PPC Management Services Is Made Possible With A Diverse Team

PPC Management Services are made possible through the decades of experience and expertise of our team. We have a diverse team skilled in making data-driven decisions for every paid campaign while combining the industry’s best practices and existing strategies for better ad performance. Our PPC team has access to numerous tools, resources, and software, such as Google Ads editor, to create ads for businesses of any size in any industry. To stay competitive, work with a Google Ads specialist in your specific industry to drive new leads, traffic, and sales for a higher return on investment.

Our PPC Management Services Process is designed for the highest ROI

At Renova Digital, we have a streamlined approach to managing your PPC ad spend campaigns while minimizing costs and increasing your return on investment (ROI). For consistent results, we go through a PPC Management Services Process to ensure best practices are followed when setting up a paid search campaign:

  1. Onboarding
  2. Ad Strategy
  3. Ad Fundamental
  4. Ad Services
  5. Ecommerce Ads
  6. Recurring Process

Our PPC marketing services and eCommerce PPC services are set up to develop strong ad campaigns after gathering and analyzing vital data and target audience insights. From here, we have unlimited options to optimize, test, and scale your campaigns in any industry.

Accelerate Conversions With a PPC Management Services Account Audit

A PPC audit analyzes your account to determine what is working, what needs improvement, and recommendations for improving the overall performance of your ad campaigns. Regardless of the set up or structure of your ad campaigns, PPC account auditing should be done regularly to ensure you are maximizing your budget and your ad strategy is progressing on track. Our PPC account audit services include:

  • Conversion tracking check
  • Ad account audit
  • Specific campaign audit
  • Summary of account details
  • Data-backed recommendations

At Renova Digital, we have all the industry know-how to manage a successful PPC campaign to help you improve your ad campaigns, increase ROIs, and drive conversions and sales. Get measurable results for real growth starting with a PPC account audit by contacting us today.


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