Premium Cybersecurity Service & Website Security Auditing

With advancements in technology, cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent, complex, and advanced. Daily news of breaches and ransomware are common. The need for improved cybersecurity services is a must. Website security auditing by Renova Digital will secure your websites, applications, and accounts from cyber attacks today and in the future.

Secure Your Network With the Right Cybersecurity Services and Website Auditing

Security plays a vital role for any business, protecting you and your customers as well. You want to secure your network and the information your customers and clients entered on your website. One of the best ways to accomplish that is through a proper website security audit from one of the best cybersecurity companies in the industry, such as Renova Digital.

We offer premium web audit and cybersecurity services that will surely find any holes and breaches in your company’s security. Renova Digital offers thorough web auditing by our cybersecurity specialists to protect all our customers’ security and information. Your satisfaction and security are one of our top priorities!

Act Now! Secure Your Website To Avoid Setbacks With Cybersecurity Services

Weak security will cause a setback for any company and can lead to demise and security problems. It is extremely difficult for a business, especially small companies, to recover after a cyber attack. Trust from your customers and clients can be gone in an instant and can even lead to lawsuits and fines.

Web security is often overlooked or is at the bottom of the list of must-do. However, it is imperative that you put it up on your list. Renova Digital proposes all businesses ACT EARLY to avoid severe SETBACKS in the future. Our website audit and cybersecurity services are premium and they will secure your business by identifying any security flaws. Improve your web security with Renova Digital.

What is a website security auditing and why do you need cybersecurity services?

Cybersecurity auditing is a process in which your website and servers are scanned and checked for any existing or potential weaknesses that can be exploited by hackers. It includes your website’s infrastructure such as the following:

  • Software
  • Extensions
  • Themes
  • Server Settings
  • Configurations
  • SSL Connections, etc.

When all vulnerabilities and loopholes are identified, a penetration test will be done. This is the next step of complete cybersecurity services. A pentest emulates a hacker and creates real-life attack situations and exploits all the vulnerabilities identified in your website. It also includes identifying the level of risk for each loophole and weakness. 

The purpose of web services security is to identify your website’s weaknesses so that you can improve its security.

Advanced Technology in Our Cybersecurity Services To Identify Your Website’s Weaknesses

Hackers take advantage of the advancement in technology to steal data and destroy systems. Why not do the same for improving the security of your website? Renova Digital uses advanced tools and technology in our web auditing and cybersecurity services to identify the vulnerabilities on your website and check for the level of risks through our pentest. We have a team of cybersecurity specialists to use all these tools and take advantage of technology to help you protect yourself against security breaches and future problems. Renova Digital doesn't only provide excellent digital marketing services but also web application security against cyber attacks and hackers. Protect your website and safeguard your data with firewalls, malware protection, email security, DNS filtering, antivirus software, and more.

Premium Website Auditing and Cybersecurity Services for Customer Security and Satisfaction

A secure web should be your #1 priority! Good and thorough web auditing and cybersecurity services are very important for all businesses, big or small, to keep your image and prevent cyber attacks from happening. It is the best way to find errors, security flaws, and vulnerabilities in your website to avoid any problems and difficulties in the future. Here at Renova Digital, we used technology to your advantage! Our cybersecurity specialist will conduct the website audit and cybersecurity services to ensure all the infrastructure of your website is inspected and checked for any weaknesses. Our penetration test is done by an expert cybersecurity analyst to check whether these vulnerabilities can be exploited by hackers in the future.

Web Auditing and Cybersecurity Services Inspected By Experienced Cybersecurity Specialists

Renova Digital has a team of cybersecurity specialists and experts to inspect, analyze, and check your website's security. We want to make sure your website is safe and secured against hacking to prevent any security breach. That is why your website will only be inspected by an experienced security specialist if you work with us for your web auditing and cybersecurity services. All of our cybersecurity specialists and analysts can inspect, analyze, and provide results with precision, effectiveness, and thoroughness. We also provide comprehensive and detailed reports for your team to help you further improve your website's security. Our specialists will analyze the report and minimize all the false positives to decrease your burden and work.

Reasons your website needs website auditing and cybersecurity services now

There are many forms of cyber attacks you need to be aware of. It is imperative you act early as you don’t want your company and business to fall victim to a cyber attack that can cost you more money in the long run. It is better to take precautionary measures than to encounter security problems in the future. 

Protect your business and company, by contacting Renova Digital for premium web auditing and cybersecurity services for your website! We will identify the weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and gaps in your website’s security system and infrastructure to avoid cyber attacks and hacking. In addition, we will provide a comprehensive report to guide you on where improvement is needed.

Downtime and Data Breaches Can Be Avoided With Web Auditing and Cybersecurity Services

Downtime costs money. About $5,600 per minute. That was the average cost of downtime according to a Garter study analyzing downtime due to a data center failure or a security breach. While the size of the company has an impact on the results, it’s a dismal fact for any company that downtime is expensive. In 2021, the average total cost of a data breach increased by its largest margin in seven years, reaching $4.24 million. In the United States, the average cost of a data breach was $9.05 million – more than double the global average. All these data breaches and cyber attacks can be avoided with web auditing and cybersecurity services at an early stage.

Protect Your Company Image & Reputation With Cybersecurity Services and Web Security Auditing

Reputation and brand image are perceived as very valuable and highly vulnerable to negative events such as security breaches and cyber-attacks. An Experian study of 850 executives found data breaches have long-term effects on a brand’s value and image. Victim organizations and companies lost anywhere from $184 million to over $330 million in the value of their brands. In addition to the economic impact on a company’s reputation, there can also be long-term damage from the compromise of employee and customer personal information. All these problems will have a negative impact on your reputation, brand, and name. As business owners, security should be your #1 priority to protect your investments. You should have your website audited through cybersecurity services.

Protect All Confidential Information in Your Website With Regular Cybersecurity Services

Web sites that are not secured and encounter data breaches and cyber attacks can lead to the compromise of confidential information of yourself, employees, and customers. Confidential information leaks can be terrifying for businesses – causing clients to look elsewhere for their business, employees to lose their jobs, reputations to be destroyed, and in severe cases forcing a business to shut down entirely. Possible confidential information could include trade secrets, customer identity information, credit card data, or any non-public information held by the company. All these can cause you major and long-term problems. Protect all the confidential information of yourself, your company, employees, and customers by getting regular web security auditing and cybersecurity services.

How We Can Help You With All Your Web Security Auditing and Cybersecurity Services

The advancement of technology and complexity of modern web applications can make it a challenge for business owners to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities or weaknesses in their configuration, infrastructure, and coding. Not all people will be able to understand, analyze, and perform a thorough web security auditing for your web application. In addition, all the cutting-edge tools and techniques need to be learned and used to protect yourself against data breaches and cyber attacks. You need cybersecurity specialists to do a thorough and in-depth web auditing. If you do not have one on your team, we highly recommend working with Renova Digital instead. We offer premium web security auditing and cybersecurity services.

Inspection: Thorough and In-depth Audit Is the First Step in Our Cybersecurity Services

The first step in our web auditing and cybersecurity services is inspection. This step will check and take a closer look at every part of your website's infrastructure, coding, and configuration. The inspection will be able to show all the vulnerabilities and weaknesses your website has that hackers can exploit. When the web security audit begins, we will use both proprietary and open-source tools to map your website. We will be crawling every link and URL on your website and inspecting them thoroughly. Then, our cybersecurity specialists will input vectors to find the complete surface area of your potential exposure.

Analysis: Understanding Your Website and How To Improve Security With Cybersecurity Auditing

After inspection, the next step in our cybersecurity services is analysis. In this step, we will provide our comprehensive and detailed report with all the actions your team will need to take in order to address any or all the vulnerabilities we found on your website. The report will include all of our cybersecurity specialists' findings. You also have the option of getting reports specially made for your application developer, server/systems administrator, and database administrator. All these comprehensive reports will help guide you to make adjustments and edits to prevent any cyber attacks in the future and protect your business' image and branding.

Results: Verify and Test All the Data To Minimize False Positives in Our Cybersecurity Services

The last step in our web security auditing and cybersecurity services is the results. All the possible input made in your web application will undergo rigorous testing for configuration, logic errors, and hundreds of other vulnerability types and weaknesses. This step is necessary to ensure we do not miss any link or URL on your website that can be exploited by hackers. Server responses are analyzed to minimize false positives and ensure that our findings are correct. We double-check our analysis and reports to make sure we are providing the best web security auditing and cybersecurity services to all our clients and customers.

Avoid Company Setbacks and Weak Web Security With Renova Digital Cybersecurity Services!

According to research by VIPRE, 66% of small businesses would shut down or close if they had a data breach or cyber attack. Many businesses would entirely close off if a big breach occurred. Similar data were reported by the US National Cyber Security Alliance, which found that 60% of small enterprises cannot sustain their operations for more than six months after a cyber assault. It also discovered that the average small business had to pay $690,000 to offset damage following an assault, while mid-market corporations had to pay more than $1 million. 


All these cybersecurity problems can be avoided by putting precautionary measures in place such as web auditing and cybersecurity services from experts at Renova Digital.

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